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Fanart of Hyrule Historia manga
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Zelda x Link, and Link himself. Also ethnic art in greek, viking, swedish, vietnamese and south saami style.

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deviation in storage by Xxrhombo17xX


Welcome to my crib :D full of fan art goodness and more to come!!
Thu Jul 17, 2014, 1:44 PM


Which mythology should I start doing drawings for? 

2 deviants said It will be either from stories, mythical beasts or dieties ;)
1 deviant said SWEDISH!
No deviants said GREEK!
No deviants said VIKING!
No deviants said S. SAAMI!
No deviants said VIETNAMESE!



What software do you use to draw? Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon Photoshop Stamp by mushir I LOVE my Intuos :heart:

0.5 trusty mechanical pencil for sketching and Photoshop CS6 for lineart and coloring. Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.


Swedish Flag (redone) by SteelPandas Republic of Vietnam by Flag-Stamps*

Swedish Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design French 2 by Faeth-design Greek Language Level-Beginners by animefan046

I prefer communicating in English or Swedish mainly :)

swedish blood stamp by solhuset Swede by SupremeSonrio

Swedish Crowns by skinnyveestamp

MATURE ART nsfw!!!! 18+… (paste in URL)

whatever I want by shaloneSK Wolf Link Stamp by DarkTwilightWolf JOURNAL STAMP: Self Taught by ZachDoug Digital Art stamp by Lumaris

Atheist is Not a Bad Word by stampystampy I .heart. Japan Stamp by SakuraStars Zelda stamp -revised- by Horsesnhurricanes Disliking character does not equal fanbrat by FoxxyFoxer All Art can be Creative Stamp by racingwolf

Straight Stamp by 10-Aerith-10 Pit x Palutena stamp by artartellaART I Let People I don't Know Decide For Me by endler Stamp: Mythology by FlantsyFlan Norse mythology by ArcaneChild Swedish mythology love stamp by StephaniaArts ZantxMidna Stamp by Metroid-Tamer

Sheik Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Zelda Fan Button by ButtonsMaker :heart: Link Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Pit Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Supported pairings! Zelink Stamp by Jokersita What's that? You hate my OTP? by The-Clockwork-Crow Baww u hate warriors why u no be like MEE!1!1!? by Little-rolling-bean

1. Zelink (oot, tp, ss) first Link x goddess Hylia Passionate Shipper Stamp by MarmaladeYuu
2. Ichiruki
3. Vysaika
4. Nerokyrie
5. Ashmist
6. Edowinry
7. Sonamy
9. Monktrip
10. NaruYuki
11. ShepAsh
12. ShinjiRe
13. Pit x Palutena
14. Minato x yukari

Zelda - I do not like:
:thumb192946024: Love/Hate by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me :D
MidLink, MalLink, IlliaLink, RutoLink, GanLink, GanZel, SariaLink and any other Link x character that is not Zelda. I,m a zelinker :3 I dislike Malon, Illia and Midna especially. I don't like Midna. (this doesn´t have anything to do with the zelink, it´s the characters themselves OK...) I see Link with Zelda, the end. Problem? Srry I won't change my view

I dislike midlink by StephaniaArts I dislike illia  x link stamp by StephaniaArts I dislike link x malon stamp by StephaniaArts I dislike midna by StephaniaArts I dislike Illia stamp by StephaniaArts

I dislike malon stamp by StephaniaArts You aren't a bucket of love either. by Little-rolling-bean

Current Residence: Sweden

Favourite genre of music: classical, Anime/VG OST, Heavy metal, jap rock, same jojk, native american, bolivian native

Favourite artists: In Flames, Metallica, Sabaton, Enya, Howard Shore, Williams, Koji Kondo

Favourite artists: Kenojuak Ashevak, Eddie Cobiness, Monet, Leonardo DaVinci, Dean Boney, Ken Sugimori, Yusuke Nakano, Rembrandt, Rafael, Juno Jeong, Toshiro Kawamoto, James Gurney, Ancient Greek pottery/Fresco artists, Johan Tirén, John Bauer, Theodor Kittelsen, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen

Favourite style of art: realistic shonen manga style (wolf´s rain, mononoke hime) Impressionism, Heraldic, Tribal, Orientalising Greek style, Kamares Cretan style, Sydsamiska symbolteckningar, Jämtlandsstil, Tranh lang sinh (Hue/Saigon traditonal art).

*Why I use the REAL flag of S. Vietnam! I refuse to use the communist bullshit "flag" that tore my other home country apart! DON´T SUPPORT COMMUNISM! Use the real authentic flag of S.Vietnam!!
I got alot on my plate, haven´t I? :XD: 


----------- + WOLF MANGA TUTORIAL for :iconqueen-zelda: ------ + *Priority 1.
As it is not realism, I´ll not explain complex anatomy! Will only explain how to build wolf.

(in no particular order)

-  What makes wolf, WOLF (characteristics/anatomy incl male genital placement/angles)*1 DONE MANGA Wolf Tutorial 1 Characteristics by StephaniaArts
How to draw body with shapes/ simplifying - a note on markings, patterns and color limitations DONE MANGA Wolf Tut 2 Drawing Body by StephaniaArts

-Face expressions (snarl)  and face - (how to draw) DONE  MANGA Wolf tut 3 drawing face and face expressions by StephaniaArts 

Angles body - up, down, back, front, profile. 3/4 not decided yet.

Body stances in profile view with meanings

Examples of when and where to use

some notes:*1 (ppl get it so wrong believe me if you want to draw a good Wolf Link you have to know this) 
*2 There are specific stylistic choices I want to make you aware of when designing wolf in manga style
*3 It is very good to know so that you can make Wolf Link express himself with Zelda :) 


ZELINK *priority 2.

"United we stand strong" :iconqueen-zelda: I think you will get what I mean with this one ;)
Zelda murals major events - procession of Hylians
Zelda murals major events 
Hylia x First!Link
Zelink desert 
Zelink ocean
Zelink mountain/snow
WolfLink x Zelda series 2

*Priority 3.


Latoan year cycle
Audience with the princess Zelda - tribe representators/traditional outfits
Sages of the five realms




Theseus and Asterion
Zeus with ram
Apollon with wolf
Athena with owl
Stand strong, stand tall - Greek honor and spirit


Tyr and Fenris
Hati and Skoll
Hugin, Munin
Sleipner and Oden









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