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COMISSIONS PAY-PAL ONLY. no points, srry.

I draw mostly: Zelink, WolfLink, Link, Zelda or Hyrulean art in general.

I also draw: saami, greek, tribal, heraldry styles, swedish viking and vietnamese art.

This gallery is: Midna, Illia, Malon and assorted pairing etc. FREE. I will never draw these characters! (unless mocking them).

Random Favourites

The most ridiculous Zelda theories XD

Welcome. The Legend of Zelda fanbase is full of the most stupid theories around. I present to you a small list of the MOST wtf theories that float around this godforsaken community.


1. OOT Zelda and Link are siblings1! (Bahahahahhahhaha NO. Omg no.)

2. Omg TP!Link is a ranch hand that means OOT Link and Malon totally canon! (...)

3. Sheik is STILL a man! (despite official confirmation Sheik is Zelda disguised as a male etc. etc.)

4. Link is gay! For realz!! (in fantard land yes, in reality no. C´mon...)

4b. OOT Dark Link is a real person like Link. (PFFTTTT ..... shadow entity, no personality no nothing. Just wants to kill Link. It doesn´t HAVE concepts like "feelings".

5. Link is really a woman in disguise (this theory actually exists, what?)

6. The devs don´t hint at/support Zelink (The biggest lie of them all!)

Shigeru Miyamoto, Eji Aonuma, Bill Trinen, Hidemaro Fujibayoshi, and Naoki Mori approve of Zelink!!

Here are the links:
Most interviews…
(Bill Trinen)…
(Hidemaro Fujibayoshi, Naoki Mori and Eji Aonuma)……

7. Midna will return in a canon entry (yeah, not very likely srry. One game, one appearence. N´uff said.)

8. Midna was about to say "I love you" to Link in Tp. NO. Japanese version: "リンク...ま...またね。" = "Link…I’ll…see you later." Nothing of the sort. (lol even when she won´t it´s funny she perhaps hinted at Hyrule Warriors :p).

9. SS is not pro-Zelink (Allow me to laugh at this).

10. Link x whatever is canon

If I were to go by what the developers, the CREATOR favours, it is Zelink, and in my book that is canon. However, it´s fun to note Aonuma was a bit sceptical of romance in SS, but changed his mind and really liked it when Fujiboyashi convinced him with his wonderful cutscenes with Zelink^^

There is a reason, Zelink is the oldest and if not the most popular pairing, with around 98% fan support just saying.


Welcome to my crib :D full of fan art goodness and more to come!!
Thu Jul 17, 2014, 1:44 PM




Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2015, 12:54 AM

(OLD ENTRY for planning, decided to not proceed with some stupid things as they are not how I really am...). 

*Everything will be digital - maybe it started as a messy gesture thumbnail in my sketchbook though :XD: *

-Disclaimers ----- READ THIS before you are offended or anything by my art pls. 

Yes, I have to do this, as experience has shown me that ppl are offended day and night, and that´s a reality in the world of fanart. Atleast I can try to explain my art, but it´s always up to interpretation. Some love it, some hate it. 

*** Wolf Link x Zelda
To clarify, I love making Wolf Link and Zelda cuddle in my pics, but not in THAT way. Don´t get the wrong idea. They have a very close relationship but it´s DEFINETLY no-no when it comes to more closer intimacy when Link is in his wolf form even if he may show the body language signs of male wolf courting towards Zelda like having his ears back or pawing at her. If he "wants more" he´ll transform back into his hylian form and carry on from there with Zelda :3 that´s that. 

***Genitalia, 18+ and sex: 

I always, always strive to have correct anatomy and that includes drawing the naughty bits on every art I do no matter if it is nude, covered by clothes, furred, cartoon, anime, manga or semi-realistic. When drawing 18+ art of Loz I will never shy away from drawing the the parts of Link that make "a man, a man" or on Zelda "a woman, a woman." It´s natural and completely normal, stop being so "offended" by something nature gave all creatures male and female. Sexual content fanarts are straight and just as natural as anatomy is. In any case, these are always maturemarked and in some cases cropped/censored here and put on my alternate mature channels uncensored. The naughtiest ones are only on these alternate accounts of mine ;)

***Portrayal/interpretation of Zelink and Zelda, Link, Wolf Link: This is my unique take on their personalities, relationships and world, if you do not agree, you are free to make up your own and get out of my page if it offends you so.  "Art is interpretation through a million different lenses." 


TUTORIALS (working)


Revamped manga wolf tutorial series - incl wolf body language chart this time!* D:

:new: - Wolf Link ULTIMATE tutorial (Because ppl can´t draw or color him right like he should really look like and I am so tired of that!)

 - So, How do you actually come up with a pose?™ + BONUS - Human body language chart*

(No close-up on expressions of the face, check out Majnouna for that, she already did a splendid job! )

**** Yes, it is gravely needed!! All I see are the same, really uninspired shit in that sad excuse of zelda fanart section, poses that I myself have been cranking out for years, let´s change that with actual COMMUNICATION i e our bodiesssss. (Geez, have I taken water over my head with this one??)*********

- National Costumes from around the world™ - a sourcepic of sorts with Link and Zelda as models hihihi (modern clothes are so boring, draw more traditonal inspired ones (that´s what I think)! 

:new: Inspire - How to bypass Artblock - Concrete tips gathered throughout the years to help get ideas to draw, I struggle alot with this myself. Also, how to conciously do inspiration and not just wait for it to happen, it is possible to make it come to you through certain techniques as I´ve found out recently. 


EVENTS/CONTESTS etc. (Concepting)



:new: #Zelink week 

December 13 th - December 19 th 2015

Dec 13 th: By Your side
DEc 14 th: Protection
Dec 15 th: Scars
Dec 16 th: Comfort
Dec 17 th: Warmth
Dec 18 th: Aftermath
Dec 19 th: New World

:new: #Zelinksecretsanta

Deadline before dec 24 th - jan 1 st 2015

*Awaiting match-up.*


PICS (half-hiatus)



:new: -Link fanservice pics 18+ ;)

-Pit x Palutena

:new: Moar Wolf Link love and cuddles with our lovely princess/Queen

:new: Star Wars fanart Obiwan clone wars cartoon (the old 2D one by Gendy Tartakovsky not the CG one)


DOUJINS (hiatus)


TP-doujin TOTAL revamp and completion (This is a sick-ass long project... will take ages but I WILL complete this!) 

I am redoing this entire thing as the story was just blergh and also I´ve moved past certain .. 'fetishes" that were just embarressing after all and totally ..wrong. It´s back to square one with this project. My drawing style has undergone major changes as well and I am trying to definetly find my signature, I can feel like I am almost there in some respects. 

I think this is a-plenty to work with for now ..... *dies*

  • Mood: Miserable

What pairings would you love to see? 

5 deviants said Draw more ZELINK
2 deviants said Ash x Misty (Pokéshipping/pokémon)
1 deviant said Pit x Palutena / Kid Icarus
1 deviant said EdoWinry / Edward Elric x Winry / FMA
1 deviant said hentai
No deviants said Ichiruki (Ichigo x Rukia) / Bleach
No deviants said ecchi



* I will never draw Linkle. NEVER EVER.

*I love Wolf Link and Zelda together snuggling in my pics, but to clarify if it is needed not in THAT way. Don´t get the wrong idea.

It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 Do Not Repost Button by Mel-Rosey Protect your art! stamp by StephaniaArts

It's my Opinion, Not Yours. by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

Go here for my mature uncensored 18+ works:

My Blogspot --------------------- >…
My Tumblr: ------------------->

(DA may have blocked, copy-paste URL in web browser ;) )


Swedish Flag (redone) by SteelPandas Republic of Vietnam by Flag-Stamps*

Swedish Patriot and not ashamed! by StephaniaArts USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design French 2 by Faeth-design Greek Beginner Stamp by StephaniaArts

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I prefer communicating in English or Swedish mainly :)

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SHEIK STANCE: Zelda looks a male but is female! Zelda/Sheik = same person. Original oot model I use!!

Supported pairings! Zelink Stamp by Jokersita What's that? You hate my OTP? by The-Clockwork-Crow UPDATED by Little-rolling-bean
My biggest inspirations:

1. Zelink (all the games but most oot, tp, ss) first Link x goddess Hylia.

The pairing I´ve always supported. It is the oldest and the most popular pairing in the Zelda fanbase for a reason you know?

I also support the very underrated/ sadly not popular Tp Zelink pairing. There are subtle HINTS and something called the time after the game.

I will be a hardcore Zelinker until Nintendo falls over and Miyamoto himself comes out with a canon pairing (even though he, Aonuma and Fuyubashi leans in the support of Zelink hihihi ;) ) , so put all that Midlink/ x pairing other than Zelink support somewhere else, it´s futile here.

My AHeadcanon: Link is seme and Zelda switches between seme/uke when Link lets her. Otherwise she´s just uke. He is the "silent dominant type". He´s an Aries, she´s a Capricorn.

2. Ichiruki

Sadly not as strong anymore as Bleach has just gone downhill. Tite, please just put it out of its misery :/ I am not sure if I care enough who Ichi ends up with as he probably will not anyway since bleach is not romance anyway. But I still dislike Orihime even so. She´s one of the most pathetic characters I´ve ever seen in an anime. "Kurosaki-kun!!!" >< yeah remember that one? That´s all she can do.

3. Pit x Palutena

But I often like to see Pit more mature and more selfconfident, I don´t see him shriveling up like a puppy to Palutena. He´s not a baby lol :XD: They are a mature pairing with mutual respect even if Pallie likes to pull Pit´s wings once in awhile. In my works, he´s like in the game ending to the original Icarus, 18+...

4. EdoWinry

Pretty self-explantory don´t you think? If you still refuse to believe this one is canon, you are seriously deluding yourself. They got married and had kids. Ed´s not gay get over it.

Unpopular opinion!! WARNING overly-sensitive fanbrats!!

Zelda - I do not like: :D Old for quarrels - stamp by Angi-Shy It's not personal by SA948-Stamps

MidLink, MalLink, IlliaLink, RutoLink, GanLink, GanZel, SariaLink and any other Link x character that is not Zelda. I´m a zelinker :3 I hate Malon, Illia and Midna especially. I really detest Midna. I see Link with Zelda, the end. Problem? Srry I won't change my view.

Anti midlink by StephaniaArts Anti illia  x link stamp by StephaniaArts Anti link x malon stamp by StephaniaArts Anti midna by StephaniaArts Anti Illia stamp by StephaniaArts

Anti Malon stamp by StephaniaArts You aren't a bucket of love either. by Little-rolling-bean But They Ruined Them!!!111 by TheArtOfNotLikingYou No Comments by LumiResources Offensive stamp by NOKAPIplz

Current Residence: Sweden

Favourite genre of music: classical, Anime/VG OST, Heavy metal, jap rock, same jojk, native american, bolivian native

Favourite artists: In Flames, Metallica, Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Enya, Howard Shore, Williams, Koji Kondo

Favourite artists: Kenojuak Ashevak, Eddie Cobiness, Monet, Leonardo DaVinci, Dean Boney, Ken Sugimori, Yusuke Nakano, Rembrandt, Rafael, Juno Jeong, Toshiro Kawamoto, James Gurney, Ancient Greek pottery/Fresco artists, Johan Tirén, John Bauer, Theodor Kittelsen, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen, Nguyễn Gia Trí

Favourite style of art: realistic shonen manga style (wolf´s rain, mononoke hime) Impressionism, Heraldic, Tribal, Orientalising Greek style, Kamares Cretan style, Sydsamiska symbolteckningar, Jämtlandsstil, Tranh lang sinh (Hue/Saigon traditonal art).

COMISSION BLACKLIST (do NOT comission these artists on DA!)

Artists who have not given me the work I´ve paid for, have been unresponsive or just plain right sticking excuses up in my face and lying. Be careful of comissioning these people, don´t do it!

If said artists come clean and do the work, I´ll remove them from here. Until then, SHAME on you for scamming ppl!!

:iconthelivingshadow: Got paid 40 bucks, recieved NOTHING in return as of counting for over two months. Didn´t communicate at all unless hunted down multiple times. Posted answers that more reminded of excuses, later confirmed lies as by other comissioner I´ve been in contact with. Ignored me. Has done this to other comissioners too.

Wooo Core membership

This is my art home, and I want it to be beutiful for you and me. so I decided to finally get an annual Core membership, because it is worth it for me as art is the thing I live for, and on Deviantart I´ve been the longest. I am going to revamp this place, clean out all my old bad stuff and start anew and make it really beautiful.

I solemny swear to henceforth put more time into actual art creation and not worry so much about if it is "perfect". You, my watchers, are worth it, I am worth it.



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