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I draw mostly: Zelink, WolfLink, Link, Zelda or Hyrulean art in general.

I also draw: saami, greek, tribal, heraldry styles, swedish viking and vietnamese art.

This gallery is: Midna, Illia, Malon, Linkle and assorted pairing etc. FREE. I will never draw these characters!

The most ridiculous Zelda theories XD

Welcome. The Legend of Zelda fanbase is full of the most stupid theories around. I present to you a small list of the MOST wtf theories that float around this godforsaken community.


1. OOT Zelda and Link are siblings1! (Bahahahahhahhaha NO. Omg no.)

2. Omg TP!Link is a ranch hand that means OOT Link and Malon totally canon! (...nonononoooooo pls let me laugh at the farfetchedness of this theory)

Speaking of that, the silly theory that Malon is half gerudo... NO get out.

3. Sheik is STILL a man! (despite official confirmation Sheik is Zelda disguised as a male etc. etc.)

4. Link is gay! For realz!! (in fantard land yes, in reality no. C´mon...)

4b. OOT Dark Link is a real person like Link. (PFFTTTT ..... shadow entity, no personality no nothing. Just wants to kill Link. It doesn´t HAVE concepts like "feelings".

5. Link is really a woman in disguise (this theory actually exists, what?)

6. The devs don´t hint at/support Zelink (The biggest lie of them all!)

Shigeru Miyamoto, Eji Aonuma, Bill Trinen, Hidemaro Fujibayoshi, and Naoki Mori approve of Zelink!!

Here are the links:
Most interviews…
(Bill Trinen)…
(Hidemaro Fujibayoshi, Naoki Mori and Eji Aonuma)……

7. Midna will return in a canon entry (yeah, not very likely srry. One game, one appearence. N´uff said.)

8. Midna was about to say "I love you" to Link in Tp. NO. Japanese version: "リンク...ま...またね。" = "Link…I’ll…see you later." Nothing of the sort. (lol even when she won´t it´s funny she perhaps hinted at Hyrule Warriors :p).

9. SS is not pro-Zelink (Allow me to laugh at this).

10. Link x whatever is canon

If I were to go by what the developers, the CREATOR favours, it is Zelink, and in my book that is canon. However, it´s fun to note Aonuma was a bit sceptical of romance in SS, but changed his mind and really liked it when Fujiboyashi convinced him with his wonderful cutscenes with Zelink^^

There is a reason, Zelink is the oldest and if not the most popular pairing, with around 98% fan support just saying.


So little time

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 10, 2016, 11:43 PM

I have so many plans and so little time to execute them *screams internally*

My revised Extending Hyrule Historia document is proving to become a real monster, my god it´s huuuge @.@ Already at over 64 pages!! It´s more like a "Hyrule Historia 2" :XD:

And inbetween Greek lessons and work and boyfriend my drawing is trying desperately to cling on :XD: ...I really need to get back into the game, I haven´t drawn a serious picture for decades it feels like. All my skills are still there and slowly improving but man I wish I could just sit down and just ...draw a decent fanarts of Zelink. I´m doing so much practice right now and following premium professional stuff to soar.

I´m thinking of taking Schoolism´s gesture drawing or storyboarding class after I´ve finished fundamentals of lightning (that class is killing me). I also want to take the character design classes (yes actual character design for videogames like it is taught in the best schools!). 

I have all the costs covered, it´s just time is so short, sadly there´s only 24 hours in a day *laughs*


It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 Do Not Repost Button by Mel-Rosey Protect your art! stamp by StephaniaArts

It's my Opinion, Not Yours. by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

Go here for my mature uncensored 18+ works:

My Blogspot --------------------- >…
My Tumblr: ------------------->

(DA may have blocked, copy-paste URL in web browser ;) )


Swedish Flag (redone) by SteelPandas Republic of Vietnam by Flag-Stamps*

I prefer communicating in English or Swedish mainly.

Current Residence: Sweden

Favourite genre of music: classical, Anime/VG OST, Heavy metal, jap rock, same jojk, native american, bolivian native

Favourite artists: Tyr, In Flames, Metallica, Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Enya, Howard Shore, Williams, Koji Kondo.

Favourite artists: Kenojuak Ashevak, Eddie Cobiness, Monet, Leonardo DaVinci, Dean Boney, Ken Sugimori, Yusuke Nakano, Rembrandt, Rafael, Juno Jeong, Toshiro Kawamoto, James Gurney, Ancient Greek pottery/Fresco artists, Johan Tirén, John Bauer, Theodor Kittelsen, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen, Nguyễn Gia Trí

Favourite style of art: realistic shonen manga style (wolf´s rain, mononoke hime) Impressionism, Orientalising Greek style, Kamares style, swedish viking art

Comission offers: (ask me)

(test-drive for now, will make proper sheet very soon! Prices not yet decided)

- Specifics -

5 slots open at a time. You will be placed in queue if you can´t make the slots.

Everything is digitalmade at 300 or 600 px resolution. Sent as .png to your email, unwatermarked with my sig and date of completion.

Paypal only, swedish kr. (SEK). You pay the fee as well. Payment upfront.

Estimated deadline: At the very least, one month. Depends on complexity.

Contact me through NOTES. Please provide accurate up-to-date refs if you wish me to draw your OCs.


Custom unique:


- Binderunes (talismans made of runes ex for strength, love etc.)

- Translating any phrase into one of the 7 swedish runic alphabets for you. (goes great with any viking comission!)

- Viking art designs in black and white

- Can draw adult 18+ content. (exl certain fetishes)

- Full color/lineart/sketch manga cellshade fanart of OC, OC couple (exl. OC x C), animals, videogame/anime couples exl a few specific ones.

- Bg is optional but will add to price.

- More characters = price increase.

- Subjects in other ethnic art styles (Celtic, vietnamese, greek --- etc various styles).

- Other artworks? (note me and I´ll see what I can do).


No refunds unless I can´t deliver on time.


All work is (C) to me, I hold the rights to the artwork. It is custommade for you but you may not sell or redistribute, claim as work of others, alter etc without my explicit permission. Talk to me if you have any concerns.



Swedish Patriot and not ashamed! by StephaniaArtsSwedish runes Expert stamp by StephaniaArtsTp Hylian Expert by StephaniaArtsSs Hylian Expert by StephaniaArtsFrench 2 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designGreek Beginner Stamp by StephaniaArts

Stamps I agree with (there´s 1000+ more in my favourites!:

Zelda WLink love stamp by StephaniaArtsZelink2 stamp by StephaniaArts

Stamp: I don't support your OC. by Iki-makes-stampsStamp: I don't support you OC/Canon couple. by Iki-makes-stampsI Love Werewolves Stamp by sugarpoultryThe Wolf Among Us Stamp by angelbebop8Self-Taught Artist by sequelleThere for you to use. by Caution-LowCeilingBut They Ruined Them!!!111 by TheArtOfNotLikingYouPairing vs Shipper Stamp by the-ocean-singsOMG HATERS by BlayzesWolfaboos by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeIt's my Opinion, Not Yours. by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeI love Zelda - Stamp by joiskiShipper Fail by SilverwingfoxDislike that Fans Love by Madame-KikueZelink- Stamp TP by ReylfPrincess Zelda Fan Stamp by 666mel666Nope. by Little-rolling-beanSwede by SupremeSonrioswedish blood stamp by solhusetEquality? by DinowCookieProud to be Vietnamese V.2 by Crystal-ArtistWolf Link Stamp by DarkTwilightWolfWolfArtist_Stamp by Eternal-BlueWolfDigital Art stamp by LumarisZelda stamp -revised- by HorsesnhurricanesStamp: Mythology by FlantsyFlanZelink Stamp by JokersitaAnti YURI YAOI v2 by I-Take-It-BackAnti-Inoue Orihime by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MePit x Palutena stamp by artartellaARTIchiRuki sweet stamp by Naru-NisaSeme Link Straight Stamp by StephaniaArtsSwedish mythology love stamp by StephaniaArts

Anti stamps:

Anti Fem Link Stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti Genderbend by StephaniaArtsUke straight Link Anti Stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti midna by StephaniaArtsAnti midlink by StephaniaArtsAnti link x malon stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti illia  x link stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti Malon stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti Illia stamp by StephaniaArts


Anti pairing/Anti characters:

I do not like/hate ganzel, ghiralink, sarialink, rutolink or any other pairing that is not zelink. I am a zelinker :3 I especially despise malink, midlink, illalink and any yaoi/yuri crack ships. Don´t agree? Srry I won´t change my view.

I hate, hate Linkle and any attempts to genderbend Link. You will find none of that here. I also despise Malon, Midna and Illia, don´t expect to see any work with these charas unless I make satire or dark comedy arts on them.

*** Wolf Link x Zelda

They have a very close relationship but it´s DEFINETLY no-no when it comes to more closer intimacy when Link is in his wolf form even if he may show the body language signs of male wolf courting towards Zelda like having his ears back or pawing at her. If he "wants more" he´ll transform back into his hylian form and carry on from there.

***Genitalia, 18+ and sex:

I always, always strive to have correct anatomy and that includes drawing the naughty bits on every art I do no matter if it is nude, covered by clothes, furred, cartoon, anime, manga or semi-realistic. When drawing 18+ art of Loz I will never shy away from drawing the the parts of Link that make "a man, a man" or on Zelda "a woman, a woman." It´s natural and completely normal, stop being so "offended" by something nature gave all creatures male and female. My few sexual content fanarts are straight.

In any case, these are always maturemarked and in some cases cropped/censored here and put on my alternate mature channels uncensored. The naughtiest ones are only on these alternate accounts of mine ;)

***Portrayal/interpretation of Zelink and Zelda, Link, Wolf Link: This is my unique take on their personalities, relationships and world, if you do not agree, you are free to make up your own take.




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