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Latest work. Do visit my gallery :3

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I draw mostly: Zelink, WolfLink, Link, Zelda, Hyrulean art, furry, were and anthro style art.

I also draw: saami, greek, tribal, heraldry styles, swedish viking and vietnamese art.

This gallery is: Midna, Illia, Malon, Linkle and assorted pairing etc. FREE. I will never draw these characters! No yaoi or yuri srry straight only.

Yiff and hentai work is quite rare from me, but is most likely commission work. It may show up form time to time though.



My online portfolio: (Wix) -------->… 

Please note that I draw anthro, were and furry style art but am not a furry. I am not part of the furry fandom.
For details, visit my portfolio!  furry is anthro is not furry by SanguineJustice
18+ content:
My Blogspot --------------------- >…
My Tumblr ------------------->
My Pixiv --------------------->…
My Wysp ------------------->
My Ello ---------------------->

Anthro art
My FurAffinity: -------------------->… 
My Inkbunny -------------------->
My Weasyl: ----------------------->



Getting into the habit of drawing everyday and it feels good so far :D 

Iam really diving in to anthro, my biggest challenge thus far is that I am making 5 test arts in 5 different art styles for Nordicfuzzcon to see if I can make the cut. My hope is that my art will be good enough to be included in their conbook in the future and that I can help promote the con through their logo on my art. I am also working on requests, thanks for all the interest from furs, I love painting your fursona OCs, it´s great practice for me and a nice art for you^^ I am so happy I´ve been given the opportunity.

I am taking a break from human and zelink art as you may have noticed. For now, I am focusing on exploring anthro territory, but I´ll get back into Hyrule soon enough as my new art skills have really made me able to visualize concepts for my Hyrule Historia Expanded project. 

There´s alot of work, but without work, life wouldn´t be as meaningful, would it? :3 



~ I try to draw everyday. Due to my workhours, my art takes time. Good art takes time, alot of time and I want to give you the very best. Please be patient. ~


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Please note that I draw anthro, were and furry style art but am not a furry.
I am not part of the furry fandom.
My anthros and weres WILL have genitalia inb4 complaints.
furry is anthro is not furry by SanguineJustice


Swedish Flag (redone) by SteelPandas Republic of Vietnam by Flag-Stamps*

I prefer communicating in English or Swedish mainly.

Current Residence: Sweden

Favourite genre of music: classical, Anime/VG OST, Heavy metal, jap rock, same jojk, native american, bolivian native

Favourite artists: Týr, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Amon Amarth, Offspring, Sabaton, Nightwish, In Flames, Metallica, Evanescence, Sonata Arctica, Opeth, Anathema, Mari Boine, Sofia Jannok, Angelit, Keane, Cold Play, Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, Jon-Henrik Fjällgren, Backworld, Wimme, Borte, Khuzugutun, Enigma, Enya, Howard Shore, Williams, Koji Kondo

Favourite artists: Kenojuak Ashevak, Eddie Cobiness, Monet, Leonardo DaVinci, Dean Boney, Ken Sugimori, Yusuke Nakano, Rembrandt, Rafael, Juno Jeong, Toshiro Kawamoto, James Gurney, Ancient Greek pottery/Fresco artists, Johan Tirén, John Bauer, Theodor Kittelsen, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen, Nguyễn Gia Trí

Favourite style of art: realistic shonen manga style (wolf´s rain, mononoke hime) Impressionism, Orientalising Greek style, Kamares style, swedish viking art


Work in progress:
1. Brainstorm school Foundation and Advanced professional videogame conceptart mentorship. (finished soon)
2. Expanding Hyrule Historia doc 2016 
3. Commissions
4. Request/Giftart/Trade

Planned tutorials? (eventually...)
* Eastern dragon tutorial visual guide - Chinese, japanese, korean, vietnamese, Nepalese, Tibetan, Bhutanese.  
(Because ppl can´t draw them for shit and only think chinese dragons exist lel )

* Ornament/pattern sketching - A small how to guide

Requests/Trade/Giftart (R,T,G) CLOSED
I reserve the right to refuse your request, trade without explanation.
NO TIMELIMIT as the art is free and not a com.

1. :icongalapagos-girl: [R] Parody Ashitaka Link princess Mononoke style (Zelda U)
2. TheOwlArt29
[R] anthro bunny OC Julie
3. :iconechohart: [R] Her wolf OC Echo
4. :iconthesniperwolfy: [R] Wolf anthro OC Hovler
5. :iconstardustandrew: [R] His furry OC and 4 furry friends :3 

Waitinglist requests (OPEN) *shows 5 at a time
Full list:
1. :iconmythicalkhaos: Fursona Jacy, cel-shade
2. :iconwolfgazemoonwatcher: Wolf adopt 1
3. [R] :iconraixywolfstudio:
Karma wolf OC, CG-style
4. [R] :iconryofox630: OC anthro fox Ryo
5. [R] :iconlighteningfox:
OC anthro Utonagan Keegan, semi-real
Commissions I am waiting for:


Swedish Patriot and not ashamed! by StephaniaArtsSwedish runes Expert stamp by StephaniaArtsTp Hylian Expert by StephaniaArtsSs Hylian Expert by StephaniaArtsFrench 2 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designGreek Beginner Stamp by StephaniaArts

Stamps I agree with (there´s 1000+ more in my favourites!:

Zelda WLink love stamp by StephaniaArtsZelink2 stamp by StephaniaArts

I Love Werewolves Stamp by sugarpoultryThe Wolf Among Us Stamp by angelbebop8Self-Taught Artist by sequelleThere for you to use. by Caution-LowCeilingBut They Ruined Them!!!111 by TheArtOfNotLikingYouPairing vs Shipper Stamp by the-ocean-singsOMG HATERS by BlayzesWolfaboos by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeIt's my Opinion, Not Yours. by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeI love Zelda - Stamp by joiskiShipper Fail by SilverwingfoxDislike that Fans Love by Madame-KikueZelink- Stamp TP by ReylfPrincess Zelda Fan Stamp by 666mel666Nope. by Little-rolling-beanSwede by SupremeSonrioswedish blood stamp by solhusetEquality? by DinowCookieProud to be Vietnamese V.2 by Crystal-ArtistWolf Link Stamp by DarkTwilightWolfWolfArtist_Stamp by Eternal-BlueWolfDigital Art stamp by LumarisZelda stamp -revised- by HorsesnhurricanesStamp: Mythology by FlantsyFlanZelink Stamp by JokersitaAnti YURI YAOI v2 by I-Take-It-BackAnti-Inoue Orihime by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MePit x Palutena stamp by artartellaARTIchiRuki sweet stamp by Naru-NisaSeme Link Straight Stamp by StephaniaArtsSwedish mythology love stamp by StephaniaArtsLack social skills- Not my problem by Faeth-designI block to prevent drama by Faeth-designI dislike rabid fans by Faeth-designPeople need to chill out about this by LatiosdudeNot Forcing Anything by CassidyPetersonNot Forcing Anything by CassidyPetersonI Support Erotic Art Stamp by trinitylast
anthro vs. furry by HarmonicSonic

Anti stamps:
Rejoice for the cesspool known as legendofzeldashipping.tumblr hate blog is gone!! And with it all the butthurt fantards gone maybe zelda shipping can be good again!

"When will you (me) learn that opinions aren't allowed here unless your opinion conforms with everybody else's?" :XD:


Anti Fem Link Stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti Genderbend by StephaniaArtsUke straight Link Anti Stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti midna by StephaniaArtsAnti midlink by StephaniaArtsAnti link x malon stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti illia  x link stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti Malon stamp by StephaniaArtsAnti Illia stamp by StephaniaArts



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